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Where have I been?

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    Been down the road, to work & back, Been in what I thought was love a few times, Every once in a while, I stop and ask, Where have I been all my life? A great song by… Continue Reading →

Volume Shadow Copy Service – Well, What Do We Know

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This is a second post in a series on Volume Shadow Copy.  A quick recap on the previous post shouldn’t hurt much, we discussed that VSCs are a valuable artifact and how significant are they for forensic investigators as they may contain evidence data that… Continue Reading →

Volume Shadow Copy – What Do We Have In The Shadows

My forensic guru and mentor once told me how he handled a tight spot using Volume Shadow Copy. He taught me how & when to make use of them and their significance. Those were the times that actually taught me,… Continue Reading →

The Return of Recycle Bin

This is a long overdue post about Windows 8.1 & Windows 10 Recycle Bin. This post along with few others that I've researched on has been in the drafts for quite a period of time as I was busy with EnCE prep… Continue Reading →

Once Upon A Time in Recycle Bin

Recycle Bin, an icon on the Windows desktop that stores the temporarily deleted files and can retrieve files that might have been deleted accidentally.Microsoft’s Recycle Bin is a special folder that stores files deleted via Windows Explorer. By default, the files… Continue Reading →

Mobile Forensics – Analysis Methodology

           Mobile devices use a variety of internal, removable and online data storage capabilities. In many scenarios, you shall be using more than one tool in order to extract the data from the mobile device and its… Continue Reading →

Mobile Forensics – Extraction Types

It is a rare scenario these days to perform a forensic investigation without including a mobile device or a  smartphone. Smartphones are being replaced as a personal computer and are capable of storing a wealth of information often intentionally, and sometimes unintentionally. Although smartphone… Continue Reading →

Python – print (“Happy Ramadan!”)

Family, home, the smell of milk and vermicelli, the joy of festive. Not that I am religious, but I dislike being alone on festivals. I do believe in tradition, the tradition of feasting. Festivals always meant good feast to me…. Continue Reading →

MailXaminer – Simplifying Email Forensics

The Search feature of email examiner forensic software perform fab job of searching mail items by name, subject, date, contact’s first name, last name, attachment etc. Some of the features includes

Free Digital Forensic Resources – Emails

          Over the last decade, many email forensic tools have been developed.Most of the tools are commercial, diverse in nature, and developed in an isolated manner rather not to solve any specific cyber crime related concern…. Continue Reading →

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