Family, home, the smell of milk and vermicelli, the joy of festive. Not that I am religious, but I dislike being alone on festivals. I do believe in tradition, the tradition of feasting. Festivals always meant good feast to me. And for me any festival is good, as you get to eat a lot of stuff which otherwise are not made on any other day.

At the beginning of this quarter, a colleague of mine had seeded the thoughts of learning Python. Despite of my inability to code and program, the urge appeared.And I think it is important for people in Forensics & Incident Response to have a basic knowledge of some programming language. I started learning Python, it went for a while, read books and viewed CBTs and as lazyness creeps in,  I get distracted or then something happens, otherwise just don’t get very far and I give up. Thanks to my concentration levels.

The previous month the urge to give it another shot reappeared and I’ve taken it seriously this time. Though I am learning Python to edit existing scripts or code my own, Python proves an excellent scripting language for creating tools for forensic analysis, because of its easy to understand clear syntax human readable code and fully developed suite of libraries.

My main objective in the forthcoming months would be to have a good grasp on Python and focus on mainstream forensics and incident response.

Photo by yukop