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Mobile Forensics – Analysis Methodology

           Mobile devices use a variety of internal, removable and online data storage capabilities. In many scenarios, you shall be using more than one tool in order to extract the data from the mobile device and its… Continue Reading →

Python – print (“Happy Ramadan!”)

Family, home, the smell of milk and vermicelli, the joy of festive. Not that I am religious, but I dislike being alone on festivals. I do believe in tradition, the tradition of feasting. Festivals always meant good feast to me…. Continue Reading →

MailXaminer – Simplifying Email Forensics

The Search feature of email examiner forensic software perform fab job of searching mail items by name, subject, date, contact’s first name, last name, attachment etc. Some of the features includes Althaf Nishar

Free Digital Forensics Resources – Suites/Kits

Here are some of the forensic suites that aids in digital investigations. The tools are mentioned in random order, so do not consider it as a ranking. Althaf Nishar

Free Digital Forensic Resources – USB Device

Here are some of the best free applications that will assist you in conducting a digital forensic acquisition and analysis. This is by no means an extensive list and may not cover everything, but I’m sure you’ll find few of them to be of… Continue Reading →

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