Been down the road, to work & back,

Been in what I thought was love a few times,

Every once in a while, I stop and ask,

Where have I been all my life?

A great song by George Strait. Simple, and to the point.



I have been gone for so long. Blogging includes a lot of time and when it comes to DFIR, it can be hard to keep up with new posts and it certainly takes time to research and analysis and you rarely get praise for it. The good thing, it keeps me on track and focused on new learnings and exciting things at a much quicker pace. I’ve been away the last two quarters or so, figured it would be time for an update. I will be posting some new posts over the next few days hopefully, they’ve been lying in the drafts for some time.  

I have bought quite a handful of DFIR books, renewed domain & hosting, and made a few upgrades to the website; the most significant of which is the new download section. I’ve got this idea to provide a framework that collaborates free non-forensic and forensic tools & scripts for our community. After few weekends of crashes, nightmares and fixes, the framework is now in place and the directory just needs to be filled, uploaded and credited where ever due. I will be doing that down the line whenever time permits.

Also, I’ve left my previous organization and joined another Big 4. I didn’t intend to move especially after being given some great opportunities to which I'm grateful for and I loved practicing forensics every moment I’ve spent there. However, I have no desire to travel majority of the time when I have family close by, the “head to the airport now and fly standby” kind of jobs aren’t probably just for me and that’s not a complaint in any way; it’s just the way it is 🙂 .

I was on a two-week long road trip along with my wife on a Royal Enfield wandering in the wilds, the hillsides and beaches of South India. What we experienced was quite phenomenal and stunning, the excellent ride through the jungle at night, the ghat roads on a foggy evening, the tiger trail,  the first glimpse of ocean coast. I lived two most beautiful weeks of my life where I didn't had to plan anything, just need to ride till I hit another town. That was some kickass experience devil and I'ld do it again in a heartbeat

I am also looking for some volunteers to write articles on Digital Forensics and Incident Response. If you are interested in helping out with the site or if you have an idea of a topic you would like to write about, please contact me via the 'Touchbase' page. Meanwhile, stay tuned as I post some new articles as often as (more) than the past. 😀 Hopefully starting next week.